Anne Katrine Senstad, Catherine Christer Hennix: The Infinitesimal – Interlacing Worlds

  • ©, Anne Katrine Senstad and Catherine Christer Hennix, The Infinitesimal – Interlacing Worlds

Artist Statement:

    This work was developed during a three weeks artist residency at the Liwa Oasis near Abu Dhabi. Multi projection video installation with textiles, sound (by C.C. Hennix), arabic Majilis seating. Video: Sonoptic Parallels – The Infinitesimal (2017)

    “the title UNIVERSALS was the initial project that became impossible to produce, so I created the indoor installation instead: ‘The Infinitesimal – Interlacing Worlds’. This part of the several installations i produced was the main installation. Interlacing Worlds was the curatorial umbrella title of Janet Bellotto’s curatorial part of ISEA Dubai , which included :

    1. Abu Dhabi Art Hub: 1 main installation: The Infinitesimal – a multi projection video installation with textiles, sound ( by C.C. Hennix) , arabic Majilis seating.
    2. Liwa Art Hub in the Empty Quarter( a satellite of the Abu Dhabi Art Hub artist residency in the desert) :  4 installations: Black Gold,  Palm Burka , Video projection installation of Color Synesthesia VI and fog machine,  installed in an empty transparent greenhouse and Measuring the Desert, a performative land intervention. 
    3. Al Fahidi district, Dubai. A site specific 2 channel video projection of Color Synesthesia onto historic walls.”