ISEA2013 is profiling this year’s Anne Landa Award. Whilst the Anne Landa’s support for video and new media arts is close to ISEA’s own mission, this year’s exploration of the undeniable force of performance in contemporary art also resonates with ISEA2013’s theme ‘Resistance is Futile’. The biennial Anne Landa Award was established in 2004 to honour a former Art Gallery of NSW trustee and enthusiastic supporter of the arts. This year’s exhibition (the fifth) explores performance as a force in contemporary art through the nexus of new technologies.  The artists:

  1. Lauren Brincat,
  2. Alicia Frankovich,
  3. Laresa Kosloff,
  4. Angelica Mesiti,
  5. Kate Mitchell,
  6. James Newitt — Say it like you want it
  7. Christian Thompson

test physical and psychological boundaries through challenging feats, exercises in endurance, repetition and risk-taking.

  • Charlotte Day is Director of Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) in Melbourne, AU.