“Circulations” by Nigel Jamieson

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  • Artist Statement:

      Nigel Jamieson’s sculptural practice and intellectual interest in Baroque aesthetics and allegorical expression influenced the development of electronic anamorphosis. Anamorphic images develop via the mobility of bodies, producing meaning through gestures. Anamorphic video subverts the cartesian space of 3D computer graphics, and criticizes the “naturalism” of video by becoming “point of view on point of view”.

      Specular images and distorted perspectives recall subjective”point of view” in relation to the object and separate, playing out a dance of reflected desires according to an allegorical logic of mobility, metamorphosis, and theatricality.

      In Circulations, Jamieson furthers the development of anamorphic video by creating a moving cylindrical anamorphic using 3D computer graphics technology. Two performers join and separate, playing out a dance of reflected desire.