“Confused Bodies & Morphogenetic Tensions” by Golnaz Behrouznia

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    Confused Bodies & Morphogenetic Tensions

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Artist Statement:

    Outland Exhibition April 7-23, Plateforme Paris

    Confused Bodies

    Confused Bodies presents a series of research in volume between sculpture and model that attempts to confuse organic bodies and artefacts. The series offers miniature compositions sometimes with scaled human figures, in which unfold a fiction of objects and architectures in the image of organic life.
    The universe and the work of the Confused Bodies series are at the origin of the Dissimilarium project and the research related to its development.
    Some of these sculptures are made up of a basic support like a medium, bearing volumes that evoke construction or organic bodies. Scaled human figures allowing you to project yourself into these miniature creations.
    Objects are modeled or molded with materials such as polymers, composites such as resins and silicones, transparent or opaque materials allowing to work in detail. These materials may refer to different references such as organic or artificial: animal body, plant membrane, objects or architectures…

    Morphogenetic Tensions / a prediction for the becoming of forms
    Video installation with stereo sound broadcast, 1’45 loop video

    Sound creation: Maxime Corbeil-Perron
    Creative video editing: Rémi Boulnois
    Creation stage 1: 2020

    Morphogenetic Tensions is composed of a video essay in the form of an installation and a series of drawings and sculptures, around the origin of forms in our environment torn between nature and artifice. According to Jacques Monod, the morphogenetic engines of living things are functional in nature, while those of artificial objects are intentional, those of physio-chemical mechanisms in some way superimposed. In the Morphogenetic Tensions installation, the graphic universe and the sound ambiance structure a predictive journey of this morphogenesis.
    Sound materials and visual techniques, between sculpture and animations, drawings, diagrams and effects, encounter glitches which generate and degenerate new states of form and matter. A cycle is thus established, emerging from the mineral, passing to the plant and the animal, which explodes with clashes of artifacts, to emerge again from the animal, the plant and then the mineral. Within the Morphogenetic Tension system, Indian ink and digital drawing boards combine with the video installation to enhance it.
    Also, a series of volume research between sculpture and models under the name of Confused Bodies attempts to confuse organic bodies and artifacts. These objects made of polymers and silicones refer to different references, both organic and artificial: animal skin, plant membrane, objects or architecture.
    Golnaz Behrouznia brings everything together to form an installation, a sort of repertoire questioning the origin of forms in our world and to offer, within the same proposition, multiple and complementary sensory experiences.


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