“Expired Reality” by Recycle Group

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    Expired Reality

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    This new exhibition describes our reality under the current transformations of technology and society through their artistic vision.

    Nowadays, humans are living in two realities. What is the base for the future considering that Artificial intelligence will rule our processes? Recently working on the project about an imagined open-code algorithm, Sapient artists transferred to it the rights to combine the will of the living and the infinite to offer a transparent democracy and explore how technology could improve political fault lines.

    Expired reality project delivers a vision of the current world that is in the process of transition to a new round of evolution, when matter dissolves and passes into a new stage of existence. This project includes works that were created by artists using Ai to represent the vision of the future coexistence and asks a question of the imminent possibility of machine replacing man.

    Starting with the forest of expired links where all the plants from recycled plastic with a relief of the expired internet links are transforming from virtual existence to real. Artists are bringing the visitor into the landscape of the Null island where the physical existence from the machine point of view starts. Bodyless mesh sculptures are referring to the absence of physical body of the reality inside. Plastic film structure shows the shapes of the humans like blisters from the product without the product itself. Lightboxes generated with Ai transforming the way of creation changing it to a new condition.

Other Information:

    Exhibition. Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris, May 13 – June 24