: Hakenaï

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  • ©2013, Adrien M & Claire B, Hakenaï





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    Hakanaï is an interactive solo choreographic performance that unfolds through a series of images in motion in which a dancer gives life to a space somewhere between the borders of imagination and reality. The interactive space is composed of on-stage animations that move in physical patterns according to the movement of the dancer and the rhythm of the live sound. Hakanaï takes the audience on an immersive experience exploring the imaginary and the spatial, the liminal and the ephemeral. Curated by Philippe Pasquier and Sarah Fdili Alaoui. Hakanaï is a Japanese word defining the ephemeral and the fragile. It is the union of two characters, one meaning “man” and the other “dream”. Starting from these premises, the French company AM/CB created a unique interactive choreographic solo performance that offers a dreamlike environment where a single dancer moves within a cube, interacting with the images projected on its walls, tracing arcing parabolas and sine waves with hands, arms, and feet. Among the artistic and technological stakes, the attention is focused on the human being and their body through the use of interactive technology. Hakanaï is a 45-minute interactive solo that becomes an installation and allows the audience to experience the interactive visuals for 80 minutes. Hakanaï has been performed all around the world and has gained worldwide recognition since its debut in 2013.                                                                                                     Soundscape: Christophe Sartori & Loïs Drouglazet. Dancer: Akiko Kajihara


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