“In the Gap” by Didem Yalinay

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    In the Gap

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Artist Statement:

    This installation creates a gap in the goal-directed organization of the data world, allowing access to meta-space and offering an immersive meat-verse experience in real space.

    There is an interrelation in everything in life and every dimension. This connectedness can be observed in living and non-living beings and our memories. The project “In the Gap of Data World” with its immersive installation will make the invisible tracks of these interrelations visible.

    The research art project In the Gap was realized through workshops, in-depth interviews with mathematicians, and round tables with scientists to reveal the invisible workings of life and to develop new practices with an open relationship to today’s digitized technology, in collaboration with Seçkin Maden and Abel Korinsky.

    This project relates to the main concepts of “order and organize.” We can observe the order in life, but organizing is a goal-directed approach. Neumann implied that “order lacks end-directedness, but organization is end-directed.” The way we use technological equipment is mainly for classifying and organizing, which is an end-directed approach. If we aim to realize enhanced experiences, we need an open relationship with technology that can create generative experiences. This can lead us to discover meta-space and experience the invisible aspects of life.

    The project was aimed at opening a gap in the data world and creating new practices that integrate with the integrity of life.

Other Information:

    Exhibition, Galerie Michel Journiac, May 12 – 28
    Curator: Jean-Marie Dallet

    Didem Yalinay is an ISEA2023 selected artist

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