: ISEA2004 Fashion Show

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    ISEA2004 Fashion Show


Artist Statement:

    The ISEA2004 Fashion Show features aside international artists a number of Estonian fashion designers.

    Karolin Kuusik’s collection has been inspired by fractals and their dynamic forms, the result being composed of haute-couture-like UFO forms, where the clinical nature of high fashion has been transformed. Poisonous colours and electrically flashing organza Leave an impression of a computer-game heroine trans-positioned to everyday reality.

    Vassitissa’s works contain allusions to Krishnaism, military style, sci-fi, and space exploration. With her idiosyncratic language gives a surrealist feel. Her production does not end with clothes, as radical show is part of her concept Carefully constructed collections come alive only when certain “types” wear them on stage.

    Jaana Neva is a young leather artist who in her collection -Sugu: N” (Gender NI) deforms human bodies in untraditional ways: corsets providing the body of a pregnant woman or giant hips. Her formal language is unashamedly fetishist, making ironic gestures towards stereotypical beauty and power relations.

    Jaanika Pajuste is a jewellery artist workes with different aspects of female roles. Each of her 12 embroided brooches figures one possibility: whore, lover, widow, frigid, etc. We are presented with a masquerade of being where a brooch can be used to reveal our current role.