“ITZAN: Travelling through Time” by Timothy Thomasson, Benjamin Keenan

  • ©, Timothy Thomasson and Benjamin Keenan, ITZAN: Travelling through Time


    ITZAN: Travelling through Time

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Artist Statement:

    The MAIF Social Club exhibition Le Chant des Forêts presents an additional immersive work, a journey through time, into the Mayan forests.

    The Maya are one of the oldest civilizations in America. Their history is marked by many upheavals that could be linked, at least in part, to the relationship they had with their environment. It is considered today that the Maya abandoned their cities because of a devastating drought that took place between 730 and 900.

    Itzan is an archaeological site located in northern Guatemala. Produced by digital artist Timothy Thomasson and researcher Benjamin Keenan, the artwork called ITZAN converts biological and geological data collected on site into a film that accurately represents the evolution of the population, vegetation and climate over 6,000 years.

    The work also speaks to our own times and the ever-present need for reorganization and resilience.

    For a total immersion in the forest, you can enjoy a free visit in the exhibition Le Chant des Forêts.

Other Information:

    Exhibition, MAIF Social Club, May 19 – 22

    Timothy Thomasson & Benjamin Keenan, are selected ISEA2023 artists