John McCormick, Steph Hutchison: Emergence

  • ©, John McCormick and Steph Hutchison, Emergence
  • ©, John McCormick and Steph Hutchison, Emergence



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    Emergence by John McCormick, Steph Hutchison and an emerging performing agent, is a dance duet performed between a human dancer and an artifi cially intelligent performing agent. The agent has learnt to dance through a rehearsal process with the dancer, sharing the dancer’s movement and style. Emergence sees the dancer and agent co-creating an interactive semi-improvised dance performance. The neural network based agent uses a motion capture system as its sensory input for understanding the dancer’s movement. Emergence investigates the nature of embodiment, cognition and perception for a digital entity, and the relationships formed through the co-creative process of performance generation between the agent and dancer. Curated by Philippe Pasquier.


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  • 2015 McCormick, Hutchison: Emergence
  • 2015 McCormick, Hutchison: Emergence

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