Loren Chasse, Brandon Labelle: Width of a Membrane

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    Width of a Membrane

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      Brandon Labelle musician/writer and Loren Chasse musician/poet are id battery. Their sonic interests stem from a desire to explore the resonant properties of found objects and spaces. Contact microphones are used to activate the inner sounds of rooms, wood, leaves, stones, etc. the sounds are then manipulated and explored electronically. id battery also contains an element of rhythmic exploration that comes from both artists backgrounds as drummers. Their debut CD Lily Events (Unique Ancient Tavern) received praise internationally. Brandon Labelle is also editor and publisher of the cultural/arts journal Errant Bodies, and the associate editor of the film journal Coil. His writings on sound have appeared in various publications and his solo CD Prima Materia was released in 1997. Loren Chasse is the editor of the audio journal Ear Ink.

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