Peter Callas: Ernst Will’s Picture Book: A Euro Rebus

  • ©, Peter Callas, Ernst Will’s Picture Book: A Euro Rebus


    Ernst Will’s Picture Book: A Euro Rebus






Artist Statement:

    “Bilderbuch für Ernst Will” is an electronic rendering of a form of proto-televisual iconomania: the creation of haphazardly sourced private pictorial scrap books or bilderbuch. Often intended for the surprise, delight and edification of grandchildren by grandparents, these books had the analogical potential to become flamboyant transmogrifigations of the detritus and sequestered oddments of the great age of print in the later half of the 19th century.

    The fortuitous collocation of views of towns, voyages of exploration, catastrophes, battle scenes and royal portraits become mantic in the deft hands of an expert sniper such as Hans Christian Andersen or the unknown creator of Ernst Will’s picture book in war-time Vienna.