“Rito 1.2” by Piume, Vigore

  • ©, Piume and Vigore, Rito 1.2


    Rito 1.2

Artist(s) and People Involved:



Artist Statement:

    • A ritual based upon the dualistic juxtaposition of opposed elements: cold/hot (computer generated images and body images); image/gesture; technology/tribalism; alienation/inner journey.
    • A ritual which erupts abruptly out of the ordinary, like a streak of madness; it unrolls and exhausts itself, going back into normality.
    • The search of a magic dimension of an archetypical and meaningful gesture drowned in past memories; a ritual game that becomes also alchemy of the being.
    • Spirals as the symbols of ever-growing and ever-changing energy, become the track that must be followed to loose appearances – the superfluous – and to gain being – the essential.
    • Synthetic spirals and movement spirals, in circular gestures, of words (almost magic formulas) not as mere imitation but as a search of a distilled state of being.

    The video projection takes place from a totem-box whose operator, an entity who controls and lets the rite happen, creates images on a computer, i.e. the images are not recorded on video-tape but are being constructed in real time, interacting with the performance itself.


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