Steve Heimbecker: SCAMP: Mont Royal

  • ©, Steve Heimbecker, SCAMP: Mont Royal


    SCAMP: Mont Royal





Artist Statement:

    SCAMP: Mont Royal is an interactive, non-linear, geolocalized sound walk composed for mobile application on android and iPhone OS. This is the 2nd site-specific version of SCAMP to be created by Heimbecker. The production is sponsored by Sporobole Centre en Art Actuel, who first commissioned SCAMP: lac des nations for Espace [IM] Média 2019, Sherbrooke, QC.

    Heimbecker created the project interactivity concept along with the unique ambisonic audio track composed in a palindrome designed to play forward and backward, fast or slow. It is made from 40 layers of stereo field recordings of a forest similar to the forest of Parc Mont-Royal (Montreal, Canada). The composition uses sound filters and layers of harmonic processing that give a synthesized sense of both nature and abstraction together with the companionship of a family dog: her heartbeat and her voice.

    Scamp was my dog.
    She loved to run.
    If I ran, she ran.
    If I walked, she walked.
    If I stopped, she stopped.
    She was a good dog.
    She loved to play.
    She loved to be outdoors.
    She loved to be at the lake.
    She loved to be in the forest.
    She loved the sounds of nature.
    Would you like to go for a tour with Scamp at park Mont Royal?
    She would like that too!

    Walk or ride your bike… just take the path (with your mobile and headphones).

    SCAMP “forward play” starts at the Cartier Monument on ave du Parc.“Reverse play” begins at Le Serpentin path on ave du Pine O. between Redpath Crescent and rue Peel.


    The production is sponsored by Sporobole Centre en Art Actuel.



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