Zayed University Students: Nomadic Dolls

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    Nomadic Dolls





    Cloth dolls

Art Event Affiliation:

    Zayed University Dubai

Artist Statement:

    The Nomadic Doll project has proven that it is a wonderful bridge between designers & artists and the wider community, as a means of creative play with the goal of fun and whimsy at its heart. It demonstrates the reason we begin to create and reminds us of our ability to surprise ourselves.

    Involving our students and alumni and other universities has been one of our key goals. The Education Innovation Program has reached out to local and regional universities for their contributions and participation. The “Nomadic Dolls” student exhibition showcases over 100 transformed dolls that reflect the theme “Location.” Beyond the wonderful creative outcomes, it is a legacy icon started in 2007 by ZU curatorial students, who began to explore ideas beyond the classroom and thinking of ways to engage community.

    The Nomadic Dolls exhibition is a student collaborative that seeks to unite institutions across the region. Using the doll as a blank canvas, the medium offers the opportunity for students to indulge their playful side. The exhibition brings together 7 institutions, contributing to a collective that surprises and delights in unusual ways.


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