“Zone #1, installation/performance for a percussion player, electronics and video – Collaboration as Creation” by João Dias

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    Zone #1, installation/performance for a percussion player, electronics and video – Collaboration as Creation

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Artist Statement:

    Collaboration is a common practice in different artistic fields during the creative process of the work, and a several artistic formats could emerge from a collaboration. There are several examples that we can find and mention in the history of art, and the existing reports of the collaborative processes have in common the exposure of the mutual contributions, not only for the creation of the proposed work, but for the advancement of the art itself, and the each one involved in the process. The composer’s creativity can be amplified by a dialogue and interaction with the performer, which had impact in the creative process, the interpretation of the work, and even in the sound result represented in the perception of the work by the audience. A process of close collaboration between performer and composer in creation allows constantly triggering different paths of knowledge and discovery, transcending limits in the way of playing and composing, mutually enriching the two positions involved.

    The starting point of the compositional process of Zone#1 was the idea that this piece/installation should enable the performer to have absolute real-time control of whole musical and visual discourse, musical timing and elements, thus creating a composed-improvisation environment in which the audiovisual content is defined by the composer (both on score, sound design and Max programming), but the timing and narrative choices are taken by the performer. To achieve this level of controlled freedom, a detailed electronic setup was created to serve an ideal improvisation situation, where the audiovisual material is pre-organized and programmed into a hybrid acoustic/digital setup, that provides a user-friendly system to react and interact to the artistic choices of the performer, within a set of rules defined by the score.

    This work was driven through a close process of collaborative work by composer and performer.




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