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If you do not offer the experience they demand, they will go to your competitors who have what they want. Request a live demo of the Now Commerce online ordering portal for your wholesale customers, sales reps, and staff. Even if you find yourself limited by your site’s commerce features, it can still be easy to set up a portal and drive increased revenue through personalized interactions. To determine what customer service functions should be moved online, take stock of what issues your customers are emailing and calling about.

In the modern age, eCommerce portals have become an increasingly important part of the sales pipeline for buyers and sellers to conduct transactions. Through the use of eCommerce portals, the buying process is simplified with features such as bulk ordering and volume-based pricing. Sell online, in person, and around the world with the marketing tools, social integrations, and sales channels you need to get your products in front of customers. The account portal is a simple way to create an individual experience geared to each customer’s needs. Not only do they lay out independent journeys for customers, but they reduce the need for ticket requests and support interaction through relevant content and detailed account information.

What Is A Customer Portal?

Intelligent, stepped implementations begin with sales and span the entire customer lifecycle, so there’s continuity from sales to services to support. As managed service provider Reply implements and delivers a set of services tailored to the customer aimed to ensure reliability, resilience and high availability in order to fit and guarantee high quality and maximum performance. In this basket of services Reply is focused to guarantee fundamental goals such as monitoring, backup systems, disaster recovery and management of security aspects. They are also looking for real-time status of orders, pricing, and inventory, account self-management, and such relevant training and support content as how-to-videos, a knowledge base, user manuals, FAQs, and documentation. Manufacturers that want to grow can—and should—depend on their ecommerce site. The shift to online buying is permanent, and manufacturers that want to stay competitive must provide the digital commerce tools their customers have come to expect.

This article explains the concept of voice commerce, covers its use cases and implementation challenges, and provides some adoption tips. Get on the list for the latest news and topics to help support your wholesale business. When it comes to B2B eCommerce, the b corp versus public benefit corp whats the difference is where the magic happens – whether you’re a buyer or a brand.

ecommerce portal

When it comes to building an online retail venture from scratch, Shopify clearly wins the race. If you don’t use the Shopify Payments solution, they also charge a 2% transaction fee on every purchase. The company (originally founded to serve as an online store for snowboards in Canada) grew to become the world’s leading ecommerce portal.


DHL does not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disseminate your personal data to third parties and will not do so in future, unless required by law, unless required for the purpose of the contract or unless you have given explicit consent to do so. For instance, it may be necessary to pass on your address and order data to our contractors when you order products. Further information on data protection in specific services and products is available at the relevant Customer Portal. If you are an existing customer of a Deutsche Post AG entity, your postal data (e.g. name, address) will be processed to contact you in order to provide you with the latest information about our offers, news, products and services. Apart from an existing consent, we will process your e-mail address exclusively in order to provide you with information regarding Deutsche Post AG own and similar products.

Gain a competitive edge over your competitors by commencing an online retail store for your customers. Beat distance barriers and assist your customers to shop from the coziness of their home/office and eventually become a global brand. AIMDek is positioned to offer effective and personalized e-commerce portal developments, catering fully customized e-commerce solutions to help your B2B/B2C businesses flourish which are driven smoothly, dynamic, responsive and easily navigational.

eCommerce Portal Development

Unlike the rest of a commerce platform experience, adding features and capabilities to your customer portal can be done in stages. While there is a baseline of functionality that any store needs in order to launch, priority portal features can be added as needed. By their very nature, the “My Account” section of your customer portal means you can count on an experience that’s personalized to the customer. After all, it gives that customer a significant amount of control over their own order history, account details, address book, and so on. A positive of using an eCommerce website is the fact that all of your information is consistent. What one client sees or reads on your website is the exact same thing that the next client will, unless they are logged in and have content specific to customer accounts, such as customer-specific pricing.

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No information obtained via the DHL systems or website shall create any warranty not expressly stated by DHL in these terms and conditions. The platform still uses the PHP programming language, also making it more difficult to use. Designing and building a Magento site may require professionals to assist you in your journey. This makes Magento better suited to large enterprises looking to extend their online retail business. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right ecommerce portal, as it can make all the difference between success and failure. Easily add products in bulk by CSV in either Excel or Google Sheets, or just allow it to sync through the preferred ERP integration.


The entire e-commerce portal and all its components, both front-end and back-end, from now on stand their groundwork on an Oracle IaaS infrastructure completely in the cloud. Porting from the previous application infrastructure was transparent to Euronics and integrated third-party systems. In 2014 Reply took over the leadership of the E-Commerce project of Euronics Italia setting up Technology Reply, the first certified Italian partner Oracle OPN Specialised Platinum Partner. Thanks to its experience and the involvement of the Oracle partner, Reply develops an innovative solution that allows fast and direct access to E-commerce functionality and integrates seamlessly with third-party systems and external platforms.

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Usually, businesses use portals when they’re catering to a very distinct group of people. Instead, the best way to handle a web portal is to use a company as a resource that can create a website that serves as a web portal. It should be able to both capture information and provide access to information online.

Custom portal development

Modern B2B buyers have new expectations about how they will be working with your team. Relying on phone calls and support tickets is no longer an effective way to communicate with your customers. This is where digital self-service comes into play, allowing them to manage their own accounts, but also find information, educational resources and get support easily when they need it. Not every customer has the same needs, so building flexibility into their experience with your portal is key. Segregate buyers into groups based on their demographics, purchasing power, and past behavior, and offer them access to relevant content based on their group needs.

  • Customers have options to bulk their orders, reorder, and join a customer requisition list.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re selling services, subscription boxes, or products that go through an extensive delivery process.
  • Contact your Xerox Elite eCommerce Consultant to learn more and to get the set-up process started.
  • We advise businesses on a winning ecommerce strategy and provide them with an effective online presence.

They ensure your e-store offers maximum flexibility and revenue to your business. AIMDek persistently works to help you accomplish your business goals leveraging our advanced e-commerce business strategies. We can integrate easy-to-use content management tools to help you create and organize product/service descriptions, catalogs, and knowledge base materials without coding. You can optimize your portal pages for SEO to achieve high search rankings and customize UX design to maximize marketing efforts.

The global commerce platform

Everything from the design and layout of the site to the finalization process will influence whether customers return to your online store. This means deciding on the right ecommerce portal that serves both you and your customers is vitally important for success. Present a professional, seamless experience with our white label option for the B2B eCommerce platform. Equip your entire sales team with your very own app, containing a mobile version of your portal with your key features such as digital catalogs, inventory and pricing management, and custom invoice templates. Deliver the engaging and personalized shopping experiences consumers expect on any device. Make it easy for shoppers to find, learn about and buy your products and services with a host of features, including image galleries, product comparisons, faceted navigation, advanced site search, social sharing and ratings and reviews.

These sheets can be overwritten again in bulk for any updates concerning price, stock quantity, or filtering. Your digital catalog can also make use of discounted promo codes and coupons to drive activity. Allowing to customize by percentage, fixed amount, minimums and/or maximums, and strict user limits to keep promotions manageable and within budget expectations. We constantly strive to improve sales enablement by offering analytics with actionable data you can use to understand customer behavior, measure conversions, and build reports to guide sales reps.