Carolyn Guyer

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    Among the first wave of writers to create hypertext fiction, Carolyn Guyer is the author of Quibbling. Her other hyper­texts include the first published collaborative fiction, lime Pass, with co-author Martha Petry. Forthcoming is Sister Stories, with co-authors Rosemary Joyce and Michael Joyce. Guyer is the Hypertext Contributing Editor for FEED Magazine, a web publication, and during recent years she has been a keynote or featured speaker at the 6th International IFIP-Conference in Bonn; Interface 3 in Hamburg; the Mid-Atlantic Computers and Writing Conference in Fairfax, Virginia; and the TINAC Seminar in Baltimore. She was the founder and coordinator of HiPitched Voices, a women’s hypertext collective which was best known for helping to launch the Hypertext Hote1M00, located at Brown University. Guyer is currently undertaking an intercultural project using the web to explore how dif­ference constitutes both separation and connection.The project, entitled Mother Millennia, will link 2,000 or more stories and works from all over the world on the subject of Mother. In addition to her work in electronic media, Guyer is a visual artist in raku, fiber, and mixed media. Samples of her essays and fiction are available at her personal website.

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