Cathryn Lane


  • London College of Printing and Sonic Arts Network

Job Title:

  • Composer, Lecturer, and Director


  • ISEA1997

    Cathryn Lane is a composer and lecturer. Her recent work investigates the possibilities of using space in electro-acoustic music to explore and express emotional and  psychological experiences. Her recent compositions include Invisible Crowds, which was awarded the Finalist prize in the 1997 Bourges International Electro-acoustic Music Competition, and Nesting Stones, which was featured on the Unknown Public CD magazine. Her previous work includes commissions for large scale outdoor theatre productions, dance theatre, installations and film and video soundtracks. Cathy Lane lectures in Sound Design at the London College of Printing, and is a Director of Sonic Arts Network, the organization for the promotion of electro-acoustic music in Great Britain.

Current Location:

  • GB

Role(s) at the symposia over the years: