Esteban García

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  • Purdue University

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  • ISEA2013

    Esteban Garcia is a Colombian-born artist and researcher currently working on his Doctorate studies in Technology at Purdue University in Indiana. Garcia’s research interests include computer art history and digital media art practices. At Purdue he is a Course Instructor of digital image foundations in the Department of Computer Graphics. Garcia’s research has been featured in significant electronic art venues such as SIGGRAPH (2011), Leonardo Journal (2011) and ISEA2012. He has been awarded artist in residency by the Estímulos program Colombia-Venezuela (2004) and in Lugar a Dudas arts space in Cali, Colombia (2007). His hybrid art practice has allowed him to participate in curated art shows and workshops across the globe such as Kilómetro-0 Urbano in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2005), the Live Performers Meeting in Rome (2011), and most recently at the Delicious Spectacle gallery in Washington D.C.


    Esteban García, Purdue University, US


    Esteban Garcia, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

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