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  • Intercreate and Western Institute of Technology


  • ISEA2019

    Ian Clothier is an electronic artist, curator, Director of Creative Research at Inter create and part time senior academic at WITT New Zealand. A hybrid Polynesian, his DNA traces through Te Wai Pounamu (South Island, New Zealand), Norfolk Island, Pitcairn Island, Tahiti and Polynesian culture to Lapita; while other lines trace back through the Isle of Man, England, the Shetland Islands and Nordic countries. A long term interest in data and science has led to recently using scientific data as core content for audio-video art works. Scanned data visualizations from bubble chambers, visualizations of the universe and Large Hadron Collider experiments are converted to audio. This is compiled with related audio to make a soundtrack; the soundtrack is then visualized algorithmically. Pion decay was exhibited at Diffrazione Festival Florence in 2016 and Higgs boson confirmation at the University of Hull in 2017. ISEA2019 is his sixth ISEA exhibition.


    Ian Clothier (NZ) & Peter Anders (USA) ISEA International board members


    Ian Clothier, NZ


    Ian Clothier, New Zealand, Senior Academic at Western Institute of Technology at Tara naki (WITT ), Director of Intercreate Research Centre, Taranaki


    Ian M. Clothier is an artist, writer, and tutor at the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, New Zealand; media and structure used are project dependent. Clothier was an invited speaker at the Ninth International Conference on Thinking, and editor of art-themagazine.com.


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  • Taranaki, New Zealand

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