Jeremy X. Halpern

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  • ISEA1997

    Jeremy X. Halpern founded and has been the musical director of the multimedia psychedelic comedy ensemble Verges since 1987. Their performances and television appearances use improvised and non-improvised music, MIDI controlled lighting, masks and movement to create bizarre and comic spectacles that always leave the audience wondering. In 1995 Jeremy started 1-800-Weirdos (, a national distribution mail order outlet for Verge’s CD Little Idiot, and also to help unusual artists like M.R.Petit and Pheobe Legere to get their products to the public conveniently and economically. As an actor/director, Jeremy was trained in experimental theatre technique by the legendary Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba, and has worked with such fine directors as Anne Bogart and Mark Greenfield.

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  • United States of America

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