Jerry Verhoeven

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  • ISEA2022

    Jerry Verhoeven spent his youth around video games and online. Playing and exploring in the digital realm as it unfolded. This resulted in pursuing a formal education in video game creation. Specifically as a Technical Artist – a cross-domain discipline within the video game industry. Here he was able to develop his skills both as an artist, designer and programmer. This led to an internship in Shanghai, where he worked on multiple video game projects and later moved to a large outsourcing company to pursue more large video game co-productions.

    Jerry currently pursues his passion for video game creation and creative synergy while working through a variety of collaborations with other developers. He has also created various small games, engaged in freelance work, been a guest-lecturer at universities, explored poetry and abstract digital art creation and has released his own multi-platform puzzle game: Kavel.


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