Keisuki Oki

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  • ISEA1997

    Keisuki Oki was born in 1952 in Tokyo. Works as an artist, DTI (Digital Therapy Institute) and teaches at Nagoya University of Art and Design. Activities in 1997 include: Liquid Visions, Lucerne, Switzerland; in 1996: Ex Machina, Cameraworks, London, England; Control to Chaos, National Film School, Copenhagen, Denmark; in 1995: Telepolis, Luxembourg; in 1994: 1SEA94, Helsinki, Finland; in 1993: FISEA (ISEA93), Minneapolis, U.S.A.; Psychoscape, 0 museum, Tokyo. Writings include: Brain Wave Rider: A Human-Machine Interface, International Society for the Arts, Science, and Technology Leonardo Volume 28, Number 4 1995; Decisions at the Speed of Electronic Circuitry, Burda Academy, 1995, Germany; Synchronicity in the Computational Age, Kunstforum, November 1995, Germany.


    The Digital Therapy Institute (DTI) was formed at the end of 1991 as a multidisciplinary group, with members from various fields including art, music, science,engineering and therapy. Since then, DTI has been conducting research from diverse angle into the brain. The central members of DTI are Keisuke Oki (artist) and Henry Kuwahara (engineer and musician).

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