M. R. Petit

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  • ISEA1997

    M.R. Petit is an interactive multi-media artist and educator. Both her website The Grimm Tale, and her CD-ROM The Mutant Gene & Tainted Kool-Aid Sideshow) have been exhibited in international festivals and exhibits, including: Reinventing The Box at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Montreal International Festival of Cinema & New Media; Espace CD-ROM, Drancyber Culture, (France); New York Exposition of Short Film & Video & Interactive Media; ISEA96 (Netherlands); Thaw ’96, University of Ohio (First Prize) and Thaw ’97. She has been reviewed in a variety of publications, including: World Art Magazine (7/96), Wired Magazine (5/96) and by Donald Kuspit for the FuturelessFuture Exhibit (www.flf.org/FLF). Her collaboration with Jeremy Halpern in The Grimm Show will be presented at the Mixed Messages Festival in October 97, and as a DVD-ROM prototype/installation at SIGGRAPH 97.


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  • United States of America

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