Aheilos virtual world: Creation and education in the space of information


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  • Education/Media (Papers)

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  • Aheilos virtual world: Creation and education in the space of information



  • Aheilos is an interactive 3d virtual environment functioning online and allowing the creation and presentation of dynamical interactive 3d content to many users. The idea of the Aheilos world is to promote creative, educational and informative activity profiled for art and touching various aspects of culture functioning on the edge of art, science and technology. The virtual space shared for development in the Aheilos world was divided to several areas with different functional profiles in wich several projects were launched, exploring the potential use of such type of environment.

    Projects initiated in the Aheilos world that will be showcased on the ISEA symposium.

    1. Virtual reconstruction of the White Eagle Square in Szczecin in its form from 1938 year. Virtual 3d environment as a potencial platform for sharing historical knowledge associated with architecture and urban development.
    2. Remote artistic education in virtual space. Based on examples of classes that took place in Exhibition design workshop on the Visual Arts Department of the Academy of Art in Szczecin.
    3. Virtual and hybrid exhibition space. Based on examples of ongoing and past exhibitions that were utilizing Aheilos virtual environment and its tools, such as 2‑way real time multimedial communication, remote presence, capability of displaying dynamical interactive content.
    4. Virtually aided architectural design. Presentation of the potential of virtual dynamic 3d online environments for enhancing contemporary architectural design process.
    5. Experimental artistic projects utilizing the specifics of the interactive online 3d environment. Artistic creations in teleinformation space with the use of tools available in Aheilos environment, such as: scripting, adding media, 2‑way streaming of content, modelling, texturing, deploying art online, remote presence, remote interaction, dynamical data processing.

    Aheilos environment is running on OpenSimulator engine and New World Studio 3D creation kit.