BCI Audiovisual Applications: An Introduction


Presentation Title:

  • BCI Audiovisual Applications: An Introduction




  • Brain activity has been always a scientific subject of interest to understand how the human beings behave or interact with others and with themselves, expressing their feelings in response to what affects them and the space surrounding them. A Brain Computer Interface (BCI) then, has been a big technologic advance to measure the electric activity of the brain and it has become the main instrument to obtain relevant information to truly measure the behavior of the waves which are equivalent to both cognitive and non-cognitive states of the human being. BCI, as an instrument to obtain information in real-time could be used then to communicate the measured data with external devices, in this case with multimedia software and audiovisual applications in order to expand the creative boundaries of what historically has been made in the field of joining science and art. The goal of this artistic talk is to show a brain computer interface as a tool to generate several artistic expressions.