Beyond the Threshold


Session Title:

  • Collaborating through Interactive Media

Presentation Title:

  • Beyond the Threshold




  • Immersive virtual reality has shown to alleviate the trauma and pain of burn victims.?This paper is about ‘Beyond the Threshold’; a project for students enrolled in my course ‘Interactive Narrative Environments’, taught in the Design Department at Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA, USA.  In this project, students collaborate to create imaginative virtual environments that can engage the patient in interesting and aesthetic ways.

    Working with Ari Hollander, CEO of the internationally renowned VR studio Firsthand Technology, Seattle, Washington, students use the Unity3D game engine to create simple first person games designed to engage the attention of burn victims and thus help alleviate their pain. This innovative immersive approach in helping patients through VR has been established to bring the pain down for such victims by as much as 75%.

    We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with Ari Hollander of Firsthand Technology in order to give the students the opportunity to create interesting game like experiences designed to be aesthetic while serving a vitally important function for medical treatment and making a real difference for people in extreme pain.

    Student examples, research, and interviews will be included in this presentation.