“Écosystème(s) : a self-interactive sound installation” presented by Schorpp


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  • Possible Listenings and Recordings

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  • Écosystème(s) : a self-interactive sound installation




  • This article presents the creation process of Écosystème(s) : a self-interactive installation. This work is based on an ecosystemic approach to sound creation. Such an approach aims at creating aesthetic, technical and conceptual links between ecology and sound art practices. In the context of Écosystème(s), it is expressed through the sharing of a sound and sensitive experience of fragile living systems. This perspective considers and practices listening as a means of understanding and confronting the ecological crisis, while attempting to convey it through an interactive work. This approach proceeds through the use of algorithmic processes for the fabrication of artificial sound environments that integrate, cohabit and underline existing natural sound relationships, in a dialogue between artificial technologies and natural ecosystems, while setting up a context for attentive listening. A great deal of room is left to intuition and imagination in this creative process, through the desire to seek a balance between concept and expression of interconnected subjectivity.