Electromagnetic Landscape: Very Disruptive Volcanos


Presentation Title:

  • Electromagnetic Landscape: Very Disruptive Volcanos



  • Keywords: Radio, environment, noise, participation, disruption, alienation, installation.

    Electromagnetic Landscape demonstrates in direct, tangible and immediate ways effects of the disruption of the familiar. An ubiquitous technological medium, FM radio, is turned into an alien and unfamiliar one. Audience participation, the environment, radio signals and noise create a site-specific, ragged sonic landscape. The work exhibits intrinsic, non-trivial, emerging behaviour, cyclic or wave-like, which converges and ebbs. It varies its sonic and visual display through a dynamic interaction of light sources, fog and light sensors. The system maintains a fluxing state of ambivalence between proximity and distance, engagement and rejection, curiosity and annoyance; it slips in and out of participants’ control.

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