Emerging Platforms for Artist Interaction


Presentation Title:

  • Emerging Platforms for Artist Interaction



  • Panel Statement (abstract):

    Emerging Platforms for Artist Interaction is a panel that explores new ways artists use emerging media to fulfill traditional human communication strategies for exchanging ideas, expanding resources, critiquing new work, providing/receiving emotional support and developing communities.

    Individual presentations:

    • Ellen Pearlman – Volumetric Society


    Ellen Pearlman, PhD Candidate at the School of Creative Media at Hong Kong City University, will describe her experience directing and curating an art and technology group, the Volumetric Society, with more than 2,300 members in New York City. The platform Meetup is one of the main resources she uses to organize weekly hardware hacks, lectures, performances, exhibitions and product demonstrations

    • Cassini Nazir – Creative Disturbance


    Creative Disturbance is a platform developed in response to the need for a rupture in the arcane networks that currently connect creative people. Creative Disturbance is an international, multilingual network and podcast platform supporting collaboration among the arts, sciences, and new technologies communities.

    • Andrew Demirjian – Videokaffe


    The third discussant is from the international media art and sculpture collective Videokaffe. This group uses the Loomio and Concept Board platforms to connect and facilitate communication between their members who reside in Finland, Germany, and the United States.

    • Heidi Boisvert & Xtine Burrough – Virtual Artist Salon


    Dr. Heidi Boisvert, artist and CEO of futurePerfect Lab and Co-founder of XTH, and Xtine Burrough, Associate Professor in the Art and Technology Program at the University of Texas at Dallas, will be discussing their participation in the Virtual Artist Salon. Virtual Artist Salon provides internationally exhibiting artists a digital safe-haven to share new research and ideas in a supportive environment for brainstorming and emotional support.