“Forum Changer d’ère: Towards the symbiotic human?” presented by Anger-de Friberg, de Rosnay, Safa, Coccia and Sue


Presentation Title:

  • Forum Changer d’ère: Towards the symbiotic human?




  • Evolution of symbiotic relations with the biosphere in the context of major global ecological and societal challenges: towards an evolution of interactions between human beings, but also between humans and “other than humans”: animals, plants, even future humanoid robots (AI, “thinking” machines)? Symbiosis v/ “civilizational rupture” at the time of the emergence of a new youth more and more engaged everywhere on the planet? With the advent of human relations via screens, are we witnessing the victory of transhumanism over humanism rather than an evolution towards “symbiotic human” as imagined by Joël de Rosnay?

    Forum Changer d’ère (Change Era Forum) was started in 2013 by Véronique Anger-de Friberg.

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