Presentation Title:

  • polyCopRiotNode_



  • Keywords: augmented reality, police, cops, cop, network, public space, community, occupy, panopticism, Portland, DC, NYC, Cleveland, Chicago

    PolyCopRiotNode_ is a site-specific, augmented reality public artwork that is accessed via an Android or iOS app. Each PolyCopRiotNode_ location is surrounded by 2 story tall riot police. In the most recent installation, in Portland, Oregon, polyCopRiotNodes surrounded public spaces and areas of potential protest. PolyCopRiotNode_ makes visible what is ordinarily invisible: suspension of potential community and arrest of non-commercial uses of space. PolyCopRiotNode_NYC, launching in 2/2015 at bronxartspace, will feature NYPD nodes occupying all of of NYC.

    PolyCopRiotNode_ was conceived and developed in line with a learned understanding that activity outside the priorities and value systems of capitalism, whether intervention, occupation, or simple cultural production involves a response by police. The name of this work, polyCopRiotNode_ suggests that it is a network of instances, of a class of power paradigms and hyperactive ideologies. In each implementation of this project, a network of polyCop augments are situated/revealed in specific geolocations based on our research of local activity.
    In February 2015, PolyCopRiotNode_NYC will be displayed at bronxartspace in NYC, USA. In July 2014, PolyCopRiotNode_portland was hosted by Weird Shift Storefront.
    In 2013 PolyCopRiotNode_DC was implemented as part of Washington Project for the Arts Experimental Media Series, “Cyber In Securities,” in Washington, DC curated by Lisa Moren. PolyCopRiotNode was also exhibited at Spaces gallery in Cleveland, OH, USA.



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