State.scape: a brain as an experience generator


Session Title:

  • Brains in Electronic Arts

Presentation Title:

  • State.scape: a brain as an experience generator



  • (Short paper)

    Keywords: EEG, brain-computer interfaces (BCI), Neurofeedback Art, Virtual Environment, Installation, Affective States, Emotiv EPOC.

    State.Scape is an interactive installation in which audiovisuals are generated from users affective states (engagement, excitement, and meditation). The installation relies on a brain-computer interface based virtual environment and sonification, which both served as a platform for the exploration of users’ affective states. In this paper, we describe the aims, the system design, and the procedure for interacting with the artifacts and present the user experience gathered during interviews with the participants. Furthermore, we discuss the impact that this environment has on future real-world applications in altering affective states and its potential in meditation practice.

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