“The Locus of Action: Tinted Windows” presented by Debackere and Devleminck


Presentation Title:

  • The Locus of Action: Tinted Windows




  • V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, NL) orchestrates relationships and interactions between different media and in the relationship between art and scientific disciplines. The connections between art, technology, media and society are continuously explored, by bringing together artists, scientists and other actors and by initiating interdisciplinary collaborations. Over the past 30 years V2_ has succeeded in establishing an ongoing dialogue within a wide network of contacts that contributes to the development of specific projects for research and presentation. V2_ offers a critical perspective on the futuristic promises that new media technologies always seem to carry. An integral part of V2_, the V2_Lab is an instigator of artistic projects which interrogate and illuminate contemporary issues in art, science, technology, and society. Our mission is to produce works of art with conceptual clarity and high production values, provide frameworks for presenting these artworks, and create meaningful exchanges on artistic research and production methods. V2_Lab is an autonomous zone where experiments and collaborations can take place outside of the constraints of innovation agendas or economic and political imperatives. The activities of V2_Lab cover a spectrum ranging from Think-Tank to Do-Tank, from research to creation and presentation of art. To accomplish this, formats such as expert meetings, workshops, residencies, publications, conferences and exhibitions are tailored to meet the requirements of individual projects. Formerly working with mainly technology-driven themes, V2_Lab now works with methodologies instead of themes, for example: design fiction and re-enactments.

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