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  • Welcome from the Ministry of Culture

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  • The Ministry of Culture brings its support to the 28th edition of ISEA in Paris which theme is that of symbiosis. This symposium brings together hundreds of researchers in a very rich program combining research and art. It is a unique opportunity to showcase artistic creation in its digital environment and to discuss its technological, legal, and economic developments.

    At a time when disciplines are being decompartmentalised, and knowledge and skills intersecting, issues of dialogue between art, science, and society are the essence of ISEA.

    This international meeting of arts, sciences and technologies responds to the immense challenges faced by performing and visual arts. It echoes public policies in favor of research, digital technology, innovative, and sustainable art practices, while fully integrating the challenges of ecological transition.

    I am therefore delighted that this hoped-for “symbiosis” is the guideline of this edition and allows highlighting the use of new languages and codes by the international scene of contemporary creation.

    This is especially valuable for the Ministry of Culture as digital transitions and issues of transdisciplinary structuring of artistic creation are at the heart of our priorities.

    The minister wishes that this ministry will soon be able to propose an ambitious plan to provide close support to artists and professionals who create with digital technology. It could include in particular a body for mutualisation of resources and skills, the impulse for experimentation on the adaptation of the places of creation and diffusion to the digital practices of their users, the strengthening of observation and forecasting capacities shared with the actors, and finally the launch of a reflection on the development of cultural metaverse but also artificial intelligences which have just loudly arisen in our cultural landscape.

    I wish great success to this new edition of ISEA which interactions will nourish, without a doubt, our own research and actions.

    Christopher Miles
General Director of Artistic Creation
    Ministry of Culture