Asia Culture Center(ACC)

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Asia Culture Center(ACC) is a huge art complex completed in 2015, ten years after it started in 2006. It has five divisions: ACC Culture Exchange, ACC Archive & Research, ACC Creation, ACC Theater, and ACC Children. It is not fully ready to impress visitors with its contents, but the size of the complex itself makes it worth visiting. It is located at the center of the old downtown, and visitors may well start their trip of Gwangju from here.

Official events of ISEA2019 will be held at the Asia Culture Center. ACC is a new type of hybrid cultural space, officially opened in November of 2015, where the past, present and future art meet to foster revolutionary ideas and beliefs. ACC is a major culture complex used for the exchange of and research on Asian culture, promoting the creation and production of cultural contents, exhibitions, and performances. While participating in the various ISEA2019 official functions, such as meetings, exhibitions, performances, and other events, attendees will also be able to enjoy the art and culture of Gwangju and Korea through diverse cultural spaces.