About Us

The current ISEA Archives has been produced by:


Bonnie Mitchell, Professor, Bowling Green State University (BGSU)
Jan Searleman, Retired Adjunct Research Professor, Clarkson University
Wim van der Plas, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

International Volunteer Team (2020):
       Nick Langen, New York, USA
       Michelle Lin,  Toronto, Canada
       Irina Lyubchenko, Toronto, Canada
       Maeve Potter, New York, USA
       Sarah Vollmer, Toronto, Canada
       Kirk Woolford, Rougher Cut Productions, UK
       Terry Wong, content management


Previous contributors:

Deanna Granata, technical development
Dietrick Wiles,
technical development
Willow Socha,
content management
Rachel Sykes,
content management
Chase Fabianich,
technical development
Jasmine Bell, technical development
Chris von Fahnestock, technical development
Troy Yarnell, technical development
Joe Jadach, user interface development
Amanda Glass, content management
Breeana Hinton, content management
Megan Miazgowicz, content management

SIGGRAPH Art Archive Team

The project was sponsored by:

ACM History Fellowship
ACM SIGGRAPH History Committee
ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee
Bowling Green State University