ISEA2004: 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art

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12th International Symposium on Electronic Art


Helsinki, Finland
Tallinn, Estonia


14 August - 22 August, 2004

Organised by:


In Cooperation With:

Estonian Academy of Arts


The ISEA2004 conference took place at a cruise ship, sailing the route Helsinki-Stockholm-Aland-Tallinn, as well as at the Estonian Academy of Arts and the University of Art & Design Helsinki (UIAH). Both on the ship and at several venues in Tallinn and Helsiniki, a very extensive program of Concerts and Performances took place. Also, a night of Concerts was staged at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. Art Exhibitions were held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, MUU Gallery and other venues in both Helsinki and Tallinn. There were also several works in public space. As a part of ISEA2004 and in the presence of the President of Finland, Mrs Tarja Halonen, the UNESCO Digital Arts 2004 Reward was awarded to the Sarai Media Lab (India) for their project ‘Network of No Des’. The ceremony took place in the Kiasma Theatre.

Organising Committee:

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  • Amana McDonald Crowley, Executive Director
  • Tapio Makela, ISEA2004 Chair
  • Mare Tralla, co-chair (Tallinn)

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International Programme Committee:


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    Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Silja Line and other parties.

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Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts