ISEA96: Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art

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Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art


Rotterdam, Netherlands


16-20 September, 1996


The ISEA96 conference, main art exhibition and the Electronic Theater were held at the Rotterdam World Trade Centre. Workshops were given at the Rotterdam Music Conservatory and the Netherlands Design Institute (Amsterdam). The night of Concerts & Performances took place at the Auditorium of the Rotterdam Music Conservatory. The official welcoming reception was held at the Rotterdam Town Hall, hosted by the Rotterdam Alderman of Culture, Hans Kombrink. Because ISEA96 co-incided and co-operated with the R96 Festival ‘Digital Territories’ (Rotterdam Festivals) and the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (V2), a large number of electronic art related activities took place simulaneously, spread over town.

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Presented by the ISEA96 Foundation consisting of representers of the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, ISEA-NL foundation, Paradox and V2, in co-operation with Rotterdam Festivals.

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