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ISEA2023 Publications: [Third Summit on New Media Art Archiving Provisional Proceedings]

ISEA2022 Publications: [Proceedings (hi-res available by request)] [Catalogue (hi-res available by request)]

ISEA2021 Publications:

ISEA2020 Publications: [Proceedings] [Programme and Catalogue]

ISEA2019 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue (PDF)] [Residency Catalogue (PDF)] [Final Programme (PDF)] [Workshop Programme (PDF)] [Schedule] [Poster Demo Session Program]

ISEA2018 Publications: [Proceedings] [Programme]

ISEA2017 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Programme]

ISEA2016 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Parallel Programme] [Programme]

ISEA2015 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue]

ISEA2014 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalog] [Nomadic Dolls Catalogue]

ISEA2013 Publications: [Proceedings] [Conference Program] [Program Listing]

ISEA2012 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Preliminary Program] [Conference Program]

ISEA2011 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Program: ISEA2011]

ISEA2010 Publications: [Proceedings] [Exhibition Catalogue] [TRUST Exhibition Catalogue] [Programme]

ISEA2009 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Programme]

ISEA2008 Publications: [Proceedings] [Mini Summit]

ISEA2006 Publications: [Proceedings] [Pacific Rim New Media Summit Companion – LEONARDO] [Program: ISEA2006] [Symposium Schedule]

ISEA2004 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Magazine] [Tallin Conference Programme]

ISEA2002 Publications: [Proceedings] [Documents and Catalogue] [Preliminary Program] [Final Program] [Call for Papers & Participation]

ISEA2000 Publications: [Proceedings] [Programme]

ISEA1998 Publications: [Liverpool Book of Abstracts] [Manchester Book of Abstracts] [ISEA1998 Catalogue]

ISEA1997 Publications: [Proceedings] [Book of Abstracts]

ISEA1996 Publications: [Proceedings] [Final Program, Abstracts and Catalogue]

ISEA1995 Publications: [Proceedings] [Final Program & Book of Abstracts] [Advanced Programme]

ISEA1994 Publications: [Catalogue] [Overview]

ISEA1993 Publications: [Papers] [Papers in Leonardo Vol 28] [Abstracts and Artist Statements] [Schedule of Events] [Program of Concerts and Performances]

ISEA1992 Publications: [Proceedings] [Catalogue and Book of Abstracts] [Program] [Performances Program] [Workshop Program]

ISEA1990 Publications: [Proceedings] [Book of Abstracts and Catalog] [Call for Papers & Participation] [Best of SISEA] [Programme Concerts and Performances] [Exhibition Programme (in Dutch)]

ISEA1988 Publications: [Proceedings] [Call for Papers & Participation] [Final Programme] [FISEA Performance Programme] [FISEA Preliminarry Programme]