ISEA2000: 10th International Symposium on Electronic Art

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10th International Symposium on Electronic Art


Paris, France


7-10 December, 2000


The ISEA2000 conference, Electronic Theater and Concerts took place at the Forum des Images, Art exhibitions were held at a large number of venues, a.o.: Musee Carnavalet, Glaz’Art, Galerie le Sous-Sol, Centre National de la Danse, Institut Francais de l’Architecture, Universite de Paris and IRCAM/Centre de Pompidou. Concerts & Performances were given at several other locations. Associated events took place in Marseille, Monaco, Montpellier, Belfort and Brest.

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ISEA2000 was officially sponsored by the Ministere de la Culture et de la Communication.


ART3000 Particularly Likes to Thank:

Nicolas Aubrun, Frangoise Barriere, Mireille Berstein, Benjamin Bibas, Pierre Bongiovanni, Monique Broyer, Jean Pierre Boschetti, Roland Cahen, Corinne Caminade, Philippe Casen, Silvia Cheli, Sonia Cnielewski, Thomas Delia, Sylvie Dallet, Dan Jeesin, Xavier de Donceel, Stephane Delanoe, Julie Demuer, Eric de Vischer, Karine Douplitsky, Eric Ducommun, Anne-Marie Duguet, Virginie Dupray, Anne Edelbroich, Soraya Elyes, Marie Faucheux, Olivier Kaeppelin, Nathanael Karmitz, Alexandre Lacoste, Michele Lancelin, Stephanie Lasuki, Bruno Lathuliere, Roger Malina, Laurence Maynier, Jean-Marc Matos, Fiona Meadows, Nathalie Melancon, Eric Mezan, Alain Mongeau, Clara Moreno, Maribel Nadal-Jove, Angelina Medori, Laurence Nataf, Karen O’Rourke, Dominique Passet, Martine Feigner, Brigitte Pertoldi, Pierre Alexandre, Olivier Pineda, Vincent Puig, Niels Radtke, Annick Rivoire, Anne Rocquigny, Matthieu Romancant, Marie-Helene Serra, Katarina Soukup, Martine Teigner, Frederique Vannier, Claire Verlet,
as well as the members of the steering commitee and the International Programme Commitee for their valuable co-operation.

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