ISEA2009: 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art

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15th International Symposium on Electronic Art


Belfast, Northern Ireland United Kingdom


23 August – 1 September, 2009

Organised by:

University of Ulster

In Cooperation With:

Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT), Dundalk Institute of Technology, and Interface Centre for Research in Art


The ISEA2009 conference and workshops took place at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall, and the adjacent BT Riverside Tower and Hilton Hotel. Two pre-symposium days were organised, respectively in Coleraine and Londonderry, at the University of Ulster’s local Campusses. After the Belfast symposium, 2 more days were organized, first in Dundalk and then in Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

The main Art exhibition took place at Ormeau Baths Gallery, the Golden Thread Gallery and the Foyer Gallery of the University of Ulster Belfast. More exhibits were held at sites across the city. A seperate exhibition and event was focussing on the creative industries. There was a Performance Night at Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) of Queen’s University Belfast. Connected to the trips to Coleraine and Derry/Londonderry excursions were organised, respectively to the Giant’s Causeway (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and a tour of the historical Londonderry/Derry City walls.

Organising Committee:

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  • Kerstin Mey, ISEA2009 Artistic Director — Acknowledgements
  • Kathy Rae Huffman, ISEA2009 Curator
  • Cherie Driver, Executive Producer
  • Chrissie Cadman, Paul Mühlbach & Emma McClintock, Associated Producers
  • Mark Cullen, Sarah Edge, Karen Fleming, Pat Griffin, Saoirse Higgins, Cahal McLaughlin, Aoife Ludlow, Frank Lyons, Andy Miah, Paul Moore, Greg O’Hanlon, Caroline O’Sullivan, Terry Quigley, Una Walker & Terence Wright, Organising Team

Introductory and Welcoming Notes:


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Engaged Creativity in Mobile Environments maps the territory of inquiry, debate and display for ISEA2009, the 15th International Symposium on Electronic Art. The incessant change of physical and virtual environments under the influence of global capital and mass migration as well as the fluidity of personal and social relationships effected by digital information and communication technologies have come to determine the life experience for billions of people. The radically and rapidly altered ways in which we communicate, inter- and transact redefine how we appreciate and make meaning of the world in and around us, and how we conduct our lives along dramatically changing fault lines of the private and the public. Digital technologies as the fuel of global capital have not only effected dynamic and increasingly precarious labour relations. Their impact on the spaces of (media) representation in/forms ideological, ethical and religious perspectives, values and believes. The speed, reach and connectivity of the new information and communication technologies fundamentally effect the perception and negotiation of political and economic, social and cultural circumstances and act as catalyst for the re/organisation of society and its spaces through changing notions of democracy, citizenship and (self-) governance.

Other Committees:

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International Programme Committee:


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    Supported by

    • Ormeau Baths Gallery
    • Golden Thread Gallery
    • PS2 Paragon Studios Project Space
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    • Millennium Court arts centre


    • Arts Council of Northern Ireland
    • Invest Northern Ireland
    • British Telecom
    • Belfast City Council
    • Belfast online
    • Hilton Belfast
    • Creativity and Innovation European Year 2009
    • Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure
    • Visual Artists Ireland
    • the streat
    • Derry Visitor & Convention Bureau
    • The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
    • Mondriaan Foundation
    • Belfast Visitor & Convention Bureau
    • DIAGEO Northern Ireland

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