ISEA95: Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art

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Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art


Montreal, Quebec Canada


17 September - 24 September, 1995

Organised by:

Société des arts technologiques (SAT)


The ISEA95 conference was held at the Montreal Conference Centre and Hotel Le Meridien. Workshops took place at McGill University, Universite de Montreal, Concorde University, GRAFF Galery, Espace Libre, Centre NAD, La Centrale and CEGEP Maisonneuve. The main ISEA95 exhibitions were held at Ecole Cherrier and the Gallerie de l’UQAM. Concerts and Performances were given at The Spectrum (also the ISEA95 ‘night club’), Place des Arts and the Musee de l’Art Contemporaine. The opening event took place at Buckminster Fuller’s Bio Sphere.

Organising Committee:

  • Alain Mongeau, Programme Director
  • Monique Savoie, Executive Director
  • Nancy Tobin, Production Director

Introductory and Welcome Notes:

Annual General Meetings:

Informal Get-together:

Associated / Satellite Events:

Other Committees:

Steering Committee

  • Louise Poissant
  • Henry See
  • Luc Courchesne
  • Denis Martineau

International Programme Committee:

Endorsers / Supporters / Partners:

ISEA95 was supported by (among many others): Concordia University, McGill University, Universite de Montreal, Universite de Quebec (UQAM), the University of Vermont, Ministere de Patrimoine, Ministere des Resources Humaine, Centre for Innovation in Information Technology (CITI) and Conseil de Recherche en Sciences Humaines (CRSH).