ISEA2006: 13th International Symposium on Electronic Art

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13th International Symposium on Electronic Art


San Jose, California United States


7-13 August, 2006



The ISEA2006 conference took place at the Parkside Hall and the Tech Museum’s New Venture Hall, both on the Cesar Chavez Plaza in San Jose city center. The main Art exhibitions were held at the South Hall of the San Jose Convention Center and at the San Jose Museum of Art. More exhibitions were held in galeries and other venues all over town. Concerts and Performances were given at Camera 12 – Cinema 12. Public lectures (a.o. by Bill Viola) were given at the City Hall Chambers. Several other public events took place, among others spectacular projections on Richard Meier’s San Jose City Hall by Akira Hasegawa. From August 6 – 8 a ‘Pre-Symposium Summit’ was organised in co-operation with ISAST/Leonardo, called Pacific Rim

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Presented by the CADRE Lab of San Jose State University, the City of San Jose and a number of sponsors like the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation and the David & Lucille Packard Foundation and other parties. ISEA2006 was organised in conjunction with the first edition of the Zero One Festival and was endorsed by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts.