FISEA’93: Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art

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Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art


Minneapolis, Minnesota United States


3 November - 7 November, 1993

Organised by:

Minneapolis College of Art and Design

In Cooperation With:

University of Minnesota


The FISEA’93 conference and workshops were held at the Mineapolis Hilton & Towers. The main exhibition took place at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, the Concerts & Performances at the Ferguson Recital Hall (University of Minnesota) and the Ted Mann Concert Hall. The Electronic Theater was held at the Walker Art Center.


The Art Factor

In “Electronic art” exhibitions we have seen examples of novel and brilliant electronic technology. But a brilliant technology without “art” may be likened to a body without mind and soul, a floundering entity or a corpse. For this reason the Program Committee for FISEA’93 chose to focus this year’s symposium on “the art factor.” Flying “by the seat of their intuitive-intellectual pants” they have struggled with their personal (internal) definition of the “art factor.” The papers in this volume address artists’ concerns related to aesthetics, terminology, “self” expression, and the problems associated with collaboration and interactivity between humans and electronically controlled machines. The interactive works in the FISEA’93 art show display the more obvious use of such technology. But there are many less obvious applications. Artists who make use of this kind of technology generate work as diverse as the applications of the technology itself are diverse. Thus “electronic art” may, in some instances, appear to be formally indistinguishable from familiar forms of “performance” or “painting” or “printmaking.” But stop. Look again. Listen again. Is this so? If not, why not ? These questions are the substance addressed by the papers presented here. We thank the authors of these papers whose work sheds light on “the art factor” in this new frontier.

International Programme Committee: