“A Bestiary of Anthropocene” by Disnovation.org

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    A Bestiary of Anthropocene

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    Installation - Book

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    Exhibition. Le Cube Garges, April 27 – May 18

    Inspired by medieval bestiaries, The Anthropocene Bestiary is a compilation of different hybrid creatures produced by our time. Presented on occasion in the form of an installation inspired by the cabinets of curiosities and showcases of natural history museums, these hybrid titles help us to observe, navigate and orient ourselves in the fabric increasingly artificial world. Plastiglomerates, surveillance robot dogs, antenna trees, Sars-Covid – 2, eagles fighting drones, standardized bananas… each of these symptomatic specimens of the post-natural era in which we live allow us to glimpse the future of the beings that will eventually populate our planet.


    This project received funding from the MASC-RISE program under grant agreement no. 101007915.


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