Allison Vishnovska, Isabelle Choiniere: The Dementia of Angels

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    The Dementia of Angels

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  • Artist Statement:

      A strong telematic duet that integrates gestual creation, video, graphic design and electro-acoustic through network and in an interactive way. A fascinating live network performance of electronic art. Two distinct spaces which can be thousands of miles apart. Two performances using different stage and technological set up that are in every moments interdependent and interrelated. Two worlds that pour into each other, that reply and echo to each other. This is a innovative and unique stage writing where the body and technology answer and stimulate each other at a formal as well as organic and philosophical levels. The dancers of The Dementia of Angels (Isabelle Choiniere and Alyson Vishnovska) have a double presence: a direct performative one with their immediate audience, and a telematic one, which is that of their bodies projected into the other space. The interaction between both performers, their movements, spaces and music are developped and transmitted through coded captors placed on each dancer bodies, the dancers then intervene with their voices, their breath becoming aware of the sounds they produce. The data generated by the captors are formatted and sent to the other location where they generate a specific musical space. A movement produced in the distant location will have an impact on the sound of the main stage. The secondary space is not as colorful and technologically complex as the principal space. It opens the doors to a parallel world. It’s a refined environment, far from the multimedia shows and the technological performances. It was conceived as a performance to be presented in museums and galleries in response to their structure and to their aestheticism. It was created to live-in a nearness, a hypersensitiveness. To feel a presence sometimes visible sometimes not, but always strong and subtle. This is a sometimes immersive experience in which the audience participates physically in the osmosis that the Internet invents. The environment completely surrounds the audience.The beginning of the performance drives the audience into total darkness. The depth of the blackness evokes the interior of the body through sensations that it procures, and slowly invades it and stands out as a real presence, an incarnation, as a body which embraces all the other ones. This holding corral creates then a hyper-sensuality, a hyper-perception that encourages the audience to take advantage of the sensuality that it has to develop.