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    En Residència

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Artist Statement:

    This activity is part of the process of creating Martí Madaula En Residència at the Institut Vapor del Fil, where a group of 1st year ESO students from the Institut Vapor del Fil (Sant Andreu) and their teachers take part. The creation process of Martí Madaula at the Vapor del Fil Institute is one of the 26 creation processes that are being developed in the context of the 13th edition of En Residència (September 2021-June 2022).

    People, technology and objects related to space expeditions – and to the moon in particular – are one of the mainstays of the explorations and research carried out by Martí Madaula and the young people involved in this creative process. A process still alive, which can be followed on the blog documenting the day-to-day running of this residence.

    The Terrat Viu of Museu de Ciències de Barcelona will be the point from which the young participants in this project will be able to make an observation in interaction with Kike Herrero, the researcher of the Institute of Space Studies (IEEC), who will travel expressly in Barcelona from the Parc Astronòmic del Montsec (PAM). Initially scheduled for March, this observation had to be suspended due to adverse weather conditions. Although the creation process of Martí Madaula and the group of young people is already at a much more advanced stage, the nocturnal observation of the moon is expected to provide nutrients to a creation process that will be presented publicly at the end of May. . It will be in La Capella, in the context of “Per Capítols”, the exhibition that from May 24 to July 3 will host the works and the creation processes of six of the creation processes of the current edition of En Residència.

    En Residència at the institutes of Barcelona is a program promoted jointly by the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona. The association A Bao A Qu took part in conceiving the program, an entity that is also in charge of curating and coordinating the process of creating Martí Madaula at the Vapor del Fil Institute.

    En Residència offers a shared workspace between artists, students and teachers of public secondary schools. Throughout the course, and within the school hours, creators of very different disciplines and generations develop a process of artistic creation together with a group of young people, from ideation to public presentation.

Other Information:

    May 5, Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona. ISEA2022 Extended Programme