“Slow Violence” by Hamill Industries

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    Slow Violence

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Artist Statement:

    This piece proposes a space to rethink some of the long-lasting effects, and formulates a visual exercise on the geological transformation and destruction of living ecosystems. We want to create a visual that reflects on the great acceleration of these changes (Anthropocene) and their repercussions on climate and biodiversity. A visual and living fresco that encapsulates the unstoppable disaster before our eyes, that devours and consumes nature in an exercise of terrible beauty and where we contemplate, in a very sensory and almost tactile way, the effects and changes produced on the earth’s surface.

    Using techniques to photograph frequencies outside our visible light spectrum (ultraviolet and infrared) and time lapse explores ways of seeing complexities, forces, and natural phenomena that are not obvious to the human eye. We want to work on the technique to take an exploratory, deep and conscious look and make visible the invisible forces of nature (erosion, thawing, floods …), observing it through a different perspective.

Other Information:

    Directed by Hamill Industries
    Music: Holograms Nil Ciuró
    Hamill Team: Francesc Sòria, Sidney Latil, Carles Clemente
    Tech Support: SMODE @josevaliña

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